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Author Topic: Team improvement  (Read 4985 times)


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Team improvement
« on: March 05, 2008, 09:25:30 pm »

Official topic for suggestions about improving the FIFE Community.

My suggestion :
An official email address (something like
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Re: Team improvement
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2008, 08:12:37 am »

That's a good idea. We already did this for Radakan. In my opinion, it makes you look more serious when you direct people to an address like that, instead of say '', the address that you just kept since you were 12 seeing as you've got all your friends and such there.

You should be careful how you set this up though. To my knowledge, it's possible to let an address like redirect to more than one e-mail address. While this can serve many positive purposes, it can also result in an unprofessional image, if several people answer to the same e-mail. So, I know of at least two recommendations I can give you on-the-fly:

1) Don't assign more than two different users to one e-mail - As long as there's only two users sharing an e-mail address, you can have one "in charge" of this e-mail. This person would by default be the one who always answers any e-mails sent to this address. Should this person have notified his absence, the other user of that address can take over in the meantime. It would be a great advantage if both of these users always sent a copy of their e-mails to the other user though, so that for instance when the inactive user returns, he can easily catch up with what's been going on, and which of the e-mails in his inbox has already been responded to.

2) Ehm, I think the original #2 went went into #1, but I'll hit you with a third one then:
Make sure to make the use of every unique e-mail very specific. is for announcements only, is for new applicaants only, and so on.

Did that make sense?..

Also, it's a good idea not just to create e-mails like and so on, but also It's very nice to be able to give out such an e-mail for those who are only interested in you because of the project, and nothing else. You'll still be answering with the address to which the e-mail was redirected of course, unless you're using a special web client maybe, not quite sure about that.