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Opening FIFE in VisualC++ 2005 express


I'm trying to load up the FIFE project from the 2008.0 release.  Is the .sln file ...\FIFE_2008.0\build\win32\build_environments\visual_studio_8\fife_engine.sln currently working?  I get a "...\FIFE_2008.0\build\win32\build_environments\visual_studio_8\fife.vcproj not found" error.  And sure enough, there is no fife.vcproj file in the entire download.
There is a ...\FIFE_2008.0\build\win32\build_environments\visual_studio_8\fife.vcproj.user in the SVN repository, but that does not seem to be it.
Are there some omitted files or am I doing something dumb?

Edit:  I couldn't find anything relevant in the compile guide README.

You'll need to run <FIFE>\build\win32\update_project_files.bat. This will generate the fife.vcproj file from an XML template. After that you should be able to build FIFE with MSVC 2005 just fine.

There are a couple of pitfalls:
1. You'll need SP1 for MSVC2005
2. You'll need the platform SDK for MSVC2005.

Furthermore the 2008.0 release package will require the 2007.2-r4 compile SDK. We suggest game developers to work with the latest SVN versions directly. The latest SVN version requires the new 2008.0 compile SDK.

More information about building FIFE with MSVC2005:

Compile SDK guide with information about which SVN revision requires which compile SDK release:

In case you're running into more problems, feel free to visit us at our IRC channel:

This is often the faster way to resolve these problems :-)


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