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Building FIFE on Windows 2000


I dared to install FIFE on Windows 2000 - and failed (of course ^^).

First of all, here is what I've done so far:

* all the steps of your compile guide 
So the SDK, Python and a fresh checkout of FIFE itself are present. After executing logbuild_engine.bat I get this log:
[Log] That's all, folks

Any ideas what goes wrong?


Barra gave me the hint to use the previous SDK (2007_2_rc4) and to replace swig 1.3.33 in the batch files with swig 1.3.31

Sad to say, but this didnĀ“t help to solve the problem... :-/

Well, I can help you get a more useful log (find out what happens between running swig and swig failed).

Go to ...\trunk\engine\SConscript and find the following line:

--- Code: --- pipe = os.popen(swigpath +'swig -c++ -%s -I%s -outdir %s %s' % (lang, includepath, langoutdir, interfacefile))
--- End code ---

Add the following line before it, (copy/paste, and be careful to include the two tabs on the left).

--- Code: --- print swigpath +'swig -Fstandard -Wall -c++ -%s -I%s -outdir %s %s > "swig_log.txt" 2>&1' % (lang, includepath, langoutdir, interfacefile)
--- End code ---

Then when you run it again you should see a new line in your log that looks like:

--- Code: ---""C:\fife\Copy of trunk\build\win32\build_environments\scons\..\..\applications\swigwin-1.3.33""\swig -Fstandard -Wall -c++ -python -Iengine\core -outdir engine\swigwrappers\python engine\swigwrappers\python\fife.i
--- End code ---

Turn the double quotes into single quotes, then go to your ...\trunk\ directory and execute it from the command line.  Now you will have a swig_log.txt file in that same directory.  Assuming it's useless gobbledegook, pastebin it and we can go from there.

Hey Joshdan,

thanks for the reply - and sorry for the delay. I did what you said an here comes the result:

EDIT: log attached.

I'm a bit puzzled as the log you've posted just contains warnings but no actual error messages. My first idea was that win2000 support might be broken with swigwin so I decided to enter the #swig channel at freenode. Unfortunately this channel is not related to Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator :-/

Looks like SWIG doesn't use IRC for communication. So our next best bet is to bring up this problem at the SWIG mailing list. If you can provide a build log of the latest trunk with the 2008.0 SDK on win2000 (your log still seems to use the 2007.2-r4 SDK) I volunteer for bringing up this issue at the SWIG mailing list.


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