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Author Topic: FIFE Win32 Devkit Update - Status quo and what's left to do  (Read 2707 times)


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FIFE Win32 Devkit Update - Status quo and what's left to do
« on: October 31, 2012, 07:58:00 am »

I finally found the time today to start looking into the task of upgrading the win32 devkit to use fifechan instead of guichan.

The good news is:
* I was able to build fifechan, fifechan_sdl (linked against SDL 1.2.15) and fifechan_opengl with mingw just fine
* I updated SDL (for mingw) to 1.2.15, SWIGwin to 2.0.8 and scons-local to 2.2.0
* Initial testing showed nothing wrong, the FIFE demos worked just fine

The bad news is:
* I don't have much free time on my hand right now as I'm just getting started in my first job
* I neither have MSVC2005 nor MSVC2008 installed right now and don't have the time and motivation to set these things at this point
* I don't want to make empty promises, so I'm leaving updating the SDK for msvc2005 & msvc2008 to whoever hopefully finds the time and motivation to do so

What still needs to be done:
* The mingw-portion of the SDK has been updated and works just fine
* We'll still need to update the SDK for msvc2005 & msvc2008:
** SDL 1.2.15: libs to link against, DLLs
** fifechan, fifechan_opengl, fifechan_sdl (link against SDL 1.2.15)

An updated Win32 SDK can be found here that contains the above mentioned changes (updated scons, swig, SDL & fifechan_* for mingw):

The patch inside the archive just changes one line in the to use swig 2.0.8 instead of 2.0.1, which shipped with the April 2012 devkit. I'm sorry that I don't have the time on my hands to help out more at this point but I hope that's at least a starting point and that somebody else can finish where I left off.