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FIFE 0.4.0 has been released on 15th of January, 2017!

Author Topic: FIFE Wiki Updates and Usage  (Read 6592 times)


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FIFE Wiki Updates and Usage
« on: June 02, 2012, 09:51:06 pm »

FYI to all... I have finished round 2 of the Wiki cleanup.  As you all may know I have cleaned the Wiki once before already a while back.  This time I know a little bit more about Mediawiki and decided to create some archive categories and move old wiki documents into there for reference.

I'd like everyone to start using categories and sub-categories on the Wiki whenever possible (if you dont already..  most of us already do).  We already have a good set of categories on the Wiki so be sure you add your document to one of them.  If it doesn't fit into any of those categories be sure to create a new one for your document.  Also try and make use of sub-categories.

Next on the list is to clean up a few document names and fixing the links to them.  After that I'd like to start getting the main documents reviewed and start updating them on a regular basis.  The idea being that any page linked directly or indirectly from the Main page should alway be up to date.  This way clients (or potential new clients) will always trust that the documents are up to date.

As I'm typing this I kindof had a thought that we could put all documents into a category named after the release.  Every release we would make a copy of all sub documents ( I think I could automate this ) and create a new category for that release.  This way old versions of the documents can still be referenced by clients.   Not sure if this is a good idea.  I think that a versioned FIFE manual may be the way to go.  The FIFE wiki should probably be reserved for FIFE developers to hammer out ideas and other things.  /endbraindump



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Re: FIFE Wiki Updates and Usage
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2012, 10:54:26 am »

As this is a serious response it might get emotional reactions...

Considering all I know about the activities related to FIFE, the following may be impossible to follow for outsiders.
When barra was managing it, his choices were at worst reasonable. Now it's in a life-support viable state but with different needs. The current format of wiki must be dropped and accounts should be asked! Even if somehow will make it impossible to have the history, something should be chosen for the low level of contribution that an engine development has. I asked about Zero, UH and PARPG to make some form of similar choice in support & documentation as they are not big enough projects. Other than trac and FIFE nothing in common (it seems rsslounge aggregator could be added to the list)...
I recommend DokuWiki with a hybrid design of, lacie, hurtigwiki,lainme (blog) and itself
WikiMatrix comparisson
    Web presence
        • CMS: WordPress (Grid Focus)
        • forum: SMF 2.0.2 (Amazing?)
        • wiki: MediaWiki 1.19.0
      • PARPG
        • CMS: WordPress QFusion (qubodup @ PARPG)
        • forum: SMF 1.1.16 (?)
        • wiki:  MediaWiki 1.16.1
      • Zero Projekt
        • CMS: REDAXO
        • forum: SMF 1.1.8
        • wiki: N/A
      • Unknown Horizons
        • CMS: CMS Made Simple
        • forum: phpBB
        • wiki: MediaWiki 1.16.2
    I was left with the impression that REDAXO was only commercial, but there is a community edition
PARPG was eliminated from a release goal (official development ceased, think 1.0), next! How much of its work was incorporated in FIFE tools directory or anywhere else?[irony]I could look it up! Amateur work![/irony] Everyone is doing open-source development, some release binary, other license it GPL, but doing GPL means a little more: doing work for the other use also. RMS is right when he complains about it, but some are too poor for doing GPL.

There is no tool for new users, only the engine! There is a map editor that could be used to know what it can be done by someone interested who cares about GPL. For LGPL atm FIFE is still irrelevant. Incomplete documentation, external help to get it in distributions and other problems are mostly not fixed, although it couldn't be called bad. Personally, I would close the wiki in its curent state and ask UH to web archive it, get everything usefull manually in a long PDF and starting new (live)with an under construction message with very basic info and the PDF link. Even if it would be a bad decision would still be an improvement in productivity considering today's usefulness, in the planet SPAM is #1 activity and there are other better reasons. Being able to search it might be an improvement to anyone, not ocasional GSoC work or new [amateur] developer.

The FIFE wiki should probably be reserved for FIFE developers to hammer out ideas and other things
What is the real status of
vdaras is active long term, kozmo could be returning more realistically then cheesesucker, jasoka or phoku? In the best condition, 4 active developers, 2 semi-active and 1 inactive, there is not enough resources for MediaWiki.

I have an interest (and related bias), but that talk is private and there are requirements. All I said still applies. Actually there is more but this is related to the wiki and a short version. I didn't contribute much, but doing GPL was too costly to my environment. It could be considered that I need some CV work as my work achievements aren't public, but it's more complicated (in a way it's impossible that any work related to FIFE to matter much, even 12h/day for 3 months fully planned). Expect this winter to be my last window of contribution to FIFE in any way.


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Re: FIFE Wiki Updates and Usage
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2012, 06:54:30 pm »

won't go into detail here but UH is also considering to archive its current mediawiki and put the most relevant stuff into a github wiki instead. i heartily endorse mediawiki opposers :-)

we're also looking for a cms that actually suits our needs but i'm pretty sure it will not end up being wordpress from what others report currently.


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Re: FIFE Wiki Updates and Usage
« Reply #3 on: January 18, 2013, 07:45:17 pm »

I researched Media Wiki's posibilities and the following is my conclusion of how it should be used:
    FIFE 0.5 release soon
    • integration
      • Media Wiki & SMF
      • FIFE & (UH & Zero)
        • basic tutorials
        • other common needs (debugging, profilling etc)
      • External_Data
    • internalization: en & de should be kept separate even if contribution will be inexistent on some releases
    • replication
      • wiki live content
      • users (passwords can be changed, or by trust)
      • archiving: Extension:DumpHTML
    • multi-administration
Help:Maintainance and first lines of Help for more ideas! The following extensions sould be taken into consideration: SummaryRequired, ExternalLinks, BugSquish, Spellcheck, SVNIntegration and ContactPage (to be listed on Help:Maintainance). See Help:Custom as it needs some more changes and if I do them it can be considered conflicting management. Templates can now be stacked and are able to provide more functionality.
News Template:Releases should be a section in the CollapsibleNav sidebar (Extension:Vector enhancement to the Vector skin) and read comment in Main_Page2! Remove, at least, home & Main_Page! Correct trac milestones to be in the future! After all this, send 2 emails, 1 week difference, about pruning database and clean, at least, no activity users and anounce SMF based wiki authentification!
That FIFE logo should have FI FE on 2 faces and engine in front of each, floored.

My previous post will always be valid, but planet reports:
all items 490  FIFE development blog 1  FIFE forums 138   FIFE svn/trac 137   FIFE wiki 209
Last 100 created users spans back to Nov 6th (only Tobi-wan 1: +8 +2@coe&me), while the planet to Oct 21th. Over half of wiki activity without even counting the SPAM! The 47 session, a rare event, shows how bad it is.

On wiki changes I wasted 30-40min on inserting captcha (<1/10 guess + resets because of server/in transit errors), >2h on errors and some more on performance problems. I will not contribute more on current condition![/list]
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Re: FIFE Wiki Updates and Usage
« Reply #4 on: January 18, 2013, 11:47:12 pm »

Some comments on UH.

We're actually considering moving over our wiki (or select pieces of it) to github, transitioning mediawiki to markdown in the process. I personally am a huge fan of anything not-MW and it really didn't work well for us. Honestly not sure what the best way of organizing FIFE docs by version is, but that would be the only legitimate use case i can think of here.

Same for our forums which are currently under spam bot siege and our admin doesn't have enough time at hands currently to deal with that. We would prefer a solution that hooks up github accounts here as well and are looking for ways to achieve that.