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Author Topic: FIFE Features - the IRC discussion yesterday  (Read 2213 times)


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FIFE Features - the IRC discussion yesterday
« on: March 26, 2012, 05:23:39 am »

Hi guys,

Sorry had to unexpectedly leave Computer and eventually go to bed too early, in order to wake up for university.

I wanted to say a few things:

- In the course of trying to write PARPG, some things we lacked. Usually the answer we had thought to be is "we have to implement this on our own".

Now I understand this but I also wonder "perhaps FIFE could have supported a basic version of this".

What I mean with this is:

- SIMPLE weather effects. For instance, snow. Or rain. Or light that gradually becomes more intensified, and ideally could be written in a python script, but in a standardized way so that everyone could stick to this. Day and night cycle.

- Line of sight. For instance, I think the default is to view 100% of the 3D view. How about only 50%, starting at a center (the actor object)? That would be cool to have been available within FIFE and also documented.

BTW for great documentation look at the Boost guys.