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Author Topic: Hey Guys!  (Read 1413 times)


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Hey Guys!
« on: January 21, 2012, 10:11:38 am »

So I'm kind of a noob. I've toyed with WoW + RS private servers for the past couple years, even XNA a bit.

I've REALLY wanted to make a game similar to Diablo and a friend tipped me off to here. It will be multiplayer, not quit mmo, and the server will be powered via java and mysql. (Since it's easiest for me to use netty and java works easiest on multiple platforms.)

Annnyhow. Yeah, was wondering where exactly I should start. And are we allowed to sell for profit our final product from this engine? If we don't sell it as a game can we sell items, etc, since it's not selling code?