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Author Topic: Nice project  (Read 2787 times)


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Nice project
« on: May 07, 2011, 04:01:57 pm »

Hi guys, my names Simon, I'm from Ireland and im a qualified programmer etc.. done a few projects here and there, well versed in mainly C++ and know quite a bit in JAVA.

Language dosent matter so much I know the concepts to a high standard.

Ive been looking for a nice 2D engine to implement a long term project, I like the look of yours, it seems to have a decent framework and I like the look of some of the tools, map editor etc..

Im a huge fan of fallout (fav game) arcanum and old school crpg, I like isometric game systems, its managable for one person, im looking to add to my portfolio, I designed a 3D demo using the reality engine for a project and it went pretty well however it took a team and I prefer to work solo on a portfolio project. (no 3D modeling involved. YIPEE)

I'll keep you posted, going to stick with your engine for a while see how it goes =)))



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Re: Nice project
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2011, 09:47:20 pm »

Welcome to the FIFE community!

Glad to hear you are starting a project. Even though the engine is written in c++ all of our game client developers to date have used python for their side. This means that some of the niceties that exist in python code, such as the native map loader and pychan (a python front end to our gui toolkit guichan) do not exist yet for people looking to do c++ clients. We are working to correct these and the upcoming release should have the native map loaders coded in c++.

A client can certainly be written in c++ the developer may just have to write a little more to get a solid infrastructure than someone that was looking to work in python.

Be sure to check in on IRC (#fife on for questions or just to hang out and keep us updated on the project.


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Re: Nice project
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2012, 08:59:59 am »

Guys, you are doing amazing engine. I hope this project won't die  :)