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FIFE 0.4.0 has been released on 15th of January, 2017!

Author Topic: Your personal plans, ideas & wishes for the 2008.2 release  (Read 4517 times)


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Your personal plans, ideas & wishes for the 2008.2 release
« on: July 14, 2008, 06:04:13 pm »

At first I want to congratulate the whole team on the recent 2008.1 release. This was quite an important step for us as we finally got rid of all the license issues and can concentrate on new tasks for the 2008.2 release now.

The primary reason for bringing up this thread is: collecting the plans, ideas & wishes of all developers for the next release. I'll start with my ideas but hopefully the others will join me so a lively discussion starts :-)

Replacement of Reiner's graphics:
The current Rio de hola version heavily utilizes graphics from Reiner's tilesets site. Unfortunately Reiner's graphics often lack properly rotated versions and we can't simply modify and rerender them as we just got access to prerendered bitmaps but not to the original 3d models.

Fortunately two artists joined the gang recently: wulax & kaelis :-) welcome on the team mates. My proposal for the next release is to replace at least some of Reiner's graphics with own versions from our artists. This would offer a bunch of advantages:
- We could easily render the graphics for all needed perspectives that we would like to support (at least 4 rotation angles for the Rio de hola game)
- We can adjust the graphics easily as our modelers would release their models under a license of their choice.

We wouldn't need to replace the agents as they're available for eight different rotations and creating good organic models seems far more complicated than non-organic modeling.

New website:
I haven't given up on replacing our current website with a new one that features a consistent design among the majority of the pages. I'll get in contact with a webdesigner who wants to help us with the new page and we can hopefully start the work soon. Unfortunately university kept me busy lately so there was little to no progress in this field but I'm positive that we can change that soon.

New name:
Slightly related to the new website is the proposal to change the name of the FIFE acronym. We haven't really decided on a new name yet and if the team can't really agree on a new name / meaning of the acronym, I propose to simply stick to the FIFE name but express that the acronym has no specific meaning anymore. The main reason why I would like to get rid of the old acronym is that we don't really have much with Fallout in common anymore.

Fixing unittests & build system improvements:
A ready to build C++ unittest solution for MSVC2005 is still missing; it should be a pretty easy copy, paste & modify job from the MSVC2008 solution but somebody would need to look into it to make it happen.

Furthermore the C++ unittests are completely broken for mingw / scons. Fixing the mingw / scons issues seems to be quite complicated so we would need a gcc / mingw / scons expert who would volunteer for digging through all of this. vtchill recently mentioned that he considers to improve our build scripts so he might take a look into the mingw unittest issues as well.

VFS improvements:
It seems that Wuntvor got some time on his hands ATM as he just passed his exams for this semester. Therefore we should start discussing if the vfs needs any improvements and how we could implement them. We considered to use physfs in the past so it might be worth bringing up this topic again and discussing pros and cons.

Polished Rio de hola game:
Last but not least the next release could really shine in one aspect: it could feature a somewhat polished looking Rio de hola client. We don't want to create a full-featured game but it would be great if we could add at least some gameplay to the 2008.2 release. Some quick ideas from the top of my head:
- The boy character should be able to fight the bees (health points, attack / defense statistics, some kind of potion to heal the character)
- Dialogue interface to talk to other characters.
- Some kind of simple "quest log" that contains notes, quests and stats (killed bees, number of persons talked to, karma).

I'm sure that the programmers actually got a lot more ideas so share them with us :-) After initial discussion took place we should start creating trac tickets for agreed upon features.

Feedback please!

EDIT: austin just reminded me that I wanted to put a possible release date here. As we released about 3 milestones per year we might be able to get the 2008.2 release out between mid of November and end of the year. No need to hurry in case we feel like the release is not ready yet but having a kind of target release span might help with planning.
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Re: Your personal plans, ideas & wishes for the 2008.2 release
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2008, 11:54:46 pm »


My plans are to update the Rio De Hola graphics, and figure out a decent render setup for new artists, along with, hopefully, some documentation for new artists.  I hope to release my content under the GNU GPL version 3 or later. =)

But, yes, thanks for the welcome, barra!

I'd love to work on another FIFE-based game, at some point, too, a Steampunk game somewhat like Arcanum, perhaps. Perhaps implementing some of the Use Cases...


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Re: Your personal plans, ideas & wishes for the 2008.2 release
« Reply #2 on: July 15, 2008, 01:01:40 am »

1 - Improve the renderer. Currently tests with dirtyrect shows avg 300 fps, 800 fps max

  - Implement RenderController that works only with Visuals. Example: Instance changes triggers InstanceVisual change. In the case of DirtyRectRenderController, a changed visual will be invalidated.

  - Extend the idea on GenericRenderer. Basically we will have one root renderer: renderall. The hierarchy would go renderall: renderworld, renderUI.
renderworld: rendercameras, rendercameras: renderInstance, renderOutline.. RenderController could be the root renderer.

  - Tidy up view & model.

2 - Work on rio_de_hola !

Here comes the draft plan. Don't worry it looks better in png-compatible browsers :


About the massive fife_wrap.cxx and the time it takes to compile that monstrosity, I've been trying to work around it since early this year.. but it seems swig will generate the swig - py interface each time swig.exe -c++ -python  myclass.i is called. So there is no way to run swig on separate interface files, compile the output  into object files and link them into one fife_wrap.o.

Our best help right now is the swig team itself. I've no easy internet right now, so hopefully you guys can get to it :)
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Re: Your personal plans, ideas & wishes for the 2008.2 release
« Reply #3 on: July 15, 2008, 08:20:52 am »

I am planning to provide the msvc 2005 project for unit tests this week. I am also going to work on the scons+mingw support this week to try and get that up and running. I hope to have both done by the weekend.


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Re: Your personal plans, ideas & wishes for the 2008.2 release
« Reply #4 on: July 16, 2008, 09:26:06 am »

I'm gonna look more into the color overlay concept and try to implement something. I'd also like to look at the background grid-rotation artifacts when rotating the camera.