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FIFE 0.4.0 has been released on 15th of January, 2017!

Author Topic: Native cursor support (patch)  (Read 2313 times)


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Native cursor support (patch)
« on: May 26, 2009, 04:10:07 pm »

When I was working on resizable windows for the editor, I quickly noticed that there were no real support for native cursors in FIFE. Sometimes native cursors is a better choice than custom cursors, so I made some changes to the cursor class.

Some notes about this patch:
 - Native cursors will work on Windows and X11
 - On X11 systems, another dependency is added: Xcursors
 - On X11, it seems to pick cursors from the default theme. This might be fixable.

Patch: (attached patch has a few errors)

To test this patch, apply this diff:

And run the editor and press 9 to cycle through all the cursors.

What I want to know is:
Does it compile for you?
Does it work?
Are there anything that you don't like about it?

If I don't hear any objections within one week, I will commit it to SVN.
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Re: Native cursor support (patch)
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2009, 05:17:28 am »

A very late reply to your questions - but hey... ^^

Now that this code is merged into trunk/, I also compiled  your changes on my notebook. And although the xcursor dev libs were installed, I had to adjust one line in to make the build process work:

(line 27, old)
Code: [Select]

(line 27, new)
Code: [Select]

This fix is needed for LinuxMint (Elyssa), your committed code compiles fine on Ubuntu (Gutsy).