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ImportError: engine/swigwrappers/python/ undefined symbol:


I compiled it for debian - versions of installed pakages (related)
rc  libboost-python1.32.0            1.32.0-6
ii  libboost-python1.33.1            1.33.1-10

ii  python2.4                        2.4.4-3
ii  python2.4-minimal                2.4.4-3
ii  python2.5                        2.5-5
ii  python2.5-dev                    2.5-5
ii  python2.5-minimal                2.5-5

compiled guichan 0.6.1 & swing 1.3.31
python version :
herve@debian:~/FIFE_2007.1_src/core$ python
Python 2.5 (release25-maint, Dec  9 2006, 14:35:53)

but when i execute : python
i get
ImportError: engine/swigwrappers/python/ undefined symbol: _ZNK3gcn6Widget9isFocusedEv

Please try:

--- Code: ---scons ext=1 && scons
--- End code ---

This might resolve this issue.

Ok, that made the trick.

by the way, during the techdemo stuff, on my P4m 2.2, python is eating 45% of the cpu.

could it be a bad installation of fife ? a bad optimisation of techdemo python code ? some graphics too big (gfx/objects/buildings are 1.2 Mo each) ? a normal way of python using the cpu.

I was wondering if it would be usable on a gp2x F200 ? what do you think ?


I'd say the primary platform (for the techdemo) would be a normal PC. It isn't optimized for handhelds or smaller displays then 800x600. This is due to the GUI for the techdemo, which will have 800x400 px as standard size for the background images. The plan is to arrange all GUI windows to fit into a 800x600 screen (800x400 if HUD with y=200 is displayed at the same time), but the best resolution for "playing" would be 1024x768.
So if the performance is bad due to huge gfx, this is not very likely to be changed in the future.

But I can't say anything about the performance of FIFE (c++, python) itself. Perhaps a game especially developed for the gp2x / handhelds in general can use FIFE, but here we need the core devs for more infomations. :)


--- Quote from: herve_02 on November 06, 2007, 08:10:23 am ---by the way, during the techdemo stuff, on my P4m 2.2, python is eating 45% of the cpu.

--- End quote ---

Currently its about "first make it work, then make it fast". There are lots of points in the code & techdemo that can be optimized, e.g. rendering is using plain lists instead of quadtree, character graphics are bigger than they optimally would be and so on. ATM the focus  is to get logically correct behavior for basic functionalities.


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