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Using the Engine?


Okay so I downloaded the installer and installed for Windows...

I can open the MapEditor python file and I checked around inside it, haven't quite figured out how to use it yet.

Um, so how do I use FIFE? I tried going through the Git and Wiki there and maybe it's because I've had a few drinks but I'm pretty confused. I've used CMake before building Libraries for a parser for TILED used with SFML and got it to work eventually, I don't have much experience with Cmake though.

So I guess my question is. Does FIFE have a GUI like other editors like Unreal etc? Or is it purely code based? If so, how do I get it up and running with Visual Studio, (also which version of Visual Studio do I need)?

And where do I find example code, if there is any for setting up a map and placing a character inside to move around.

Once I figure all this out everything else should come pretty quickly I think.

edit** I tried the C++ tutorial found here

Buuut, when I double click Build.bat it just says

The device is not ready.
The device is not ready.
The device is not ready.
Press any key to continue...

And hit any key and it shuts down. Not really sure, I assume it has done nothing as I don't see any new files have been generated.

As you can see here.

Chapter 2, there is nothing there....

Is it a dead project now or?

No dice?

Hi RainMaker,
you do need MSVC 2015.
The C++ tutorial is a good start point if you don't want to use Python. Maybe the path inside the build.bat must be adapted?


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