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FIFE Editor crashes on import directory or file.


Hello, I just found out about the engine and I am using this: to get started.

I am having problems getting started. Whenever I try to import folder or file into the FIFE Editor it crashes immediately. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

I am not mainly a programmer so any advice and help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks :9

EDIT: Seems I can add folders from the demos, so there must be something wrong with my xml file paired with the image?

So next to my grass01.png I have grass.xml which contains:
--- Code: ---<?fife type="object"?>
<object id="grass01" namespace="hello_world" blocking="0" static="1">
<image source="grass01.png" direction=”45” />
--- End code ---

SOLVED: I used this guys files:

They work fine. So Ill try to figure out everything from them. :D

Welcome mrcagey!

The archive wiki articles are quite old and the XML format has changed recently. That's likely the source of your trouble. The demos and Python tutorials on GitHub and FIFErpg should be up to date though, so look into those for examples.

ok, thanks :) I was wondering. I want to make a pre rendered isometric rpg like fallout or baldur's gate. But with modern renders and texture resolutions. Would the fife engine be able to do that natively or would I have to alter it in some way?

Yes, the engine can do that. See this for a small demonstration:

AWSOME! Thanks :)


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