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Amatuer tabletop d20 designer looking to expand into video games


Night Howler:
Hello all, I'm Night Howler.

I've been designing D&D campaigns for a handful of friends for a little over 2 years now and as a big fan of the Fallout series I thought about making my own isometric d20 game based on Fallout. After glancing over the site I've noticed there's been a few come and go here but I'd like to try my hand at it myself.  There's only issue, and it's a big one I know; I've never coded with a language more complex than BASIC.  I have most of the campaign designed and maps on isometric paper, but my question is, how long would it take 1 individual to learn the C++ and Python necessary for a rudimentary RPG using FIFE? In your opinion could 1 person have a rudimentary game done in 1-3 years?

When you are alone and must learn C++ i wont do this. But with Python you could make it.


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