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Does FIFE need Guichan?



I'm trying to install FIFE on another computer running Linux. After installing all the dependencies listed on the install guide for Linux, I try building it. However, it complains saying that guichan is not installed. I thought that fifechan would replace this component. Then I try installing guichan but it seems that it's looking for version 0.8.1 and the latest is 0.8.2. Whatsmore, I try building 0.8.1 and get some errors. I think it's really deprecated.

Is there a way to avoid installing guichan altogether? Also, I would like to know how FIFE runs in Windows.


Hi Conan,

the last release 0.3.5 requires Guichan. The next release will require Fifechan. Here on linux using Guichan 0.8.2 works with Fife.
Are you aware of the SDK for windows? It includes Guichan



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