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Process finished with exit code 139

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I finally found my problem. The thing is that I was trying to delete the instance from the onInstanceActionFinished() callback. The thing is that the engine then looks for the instance right after that method is finished and as it was deleted it couldn't find it and it would crash. WOW that was a hard one to find.

I still have to figure out how to make bullets go on a straight line instead of following the grid. It looks kind of fake now but at least it works. Any idea?

For bullets it's probably best to just move them manually with instance.setExactLayerCoordinates(), since there's no need for pathfinding in this case. Check the shooter demo for an example of how to do it.

If you need an additional layer with stuff movable by the pathfinder, it needs to be set as walkable (layer.setWalkable(true)), and it needs to have a CellCache (layer.createCellCache()) of appropriate size. The easiest way to ensure it's big enough is to place some instances on the corners of the map on that layer, it should be resized automatically.

Hi Niektory,

Thank you for your response. The answer was so simple and I was thinking about such a complicated way of doing it!

I can even implement nice parabolic shots now.



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