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Hello FIFE world !


Hi !
I'm an experienced developper and technical leader from Rennes, France. I'm working in laboratory devices, on which I experiences a lot of technologies : C#, C++/Qt, Embedded Linux, Python, ...

Currently, I'm planning to create a indie game. I'm writing the Game Design Document, and looking for the right technology to implement it. For now it's a hobby, but I hope it could be a real game some day.

What I'm sure of now is that the game graphics would be isometric with square tiles. I first evaluated Godot, which is full of features, allows 2D and 3D, and has a powerful isometric mode. However, it is not designed specifically for isometric display, so it may miss some features in this domain.

Now I'm testing FIFE, which is a real isometric game engine and everything useful for this. It seems more appropriated to me, but I still have some questions :
- In the first place, my game would be played on PC. If I finally release it, I'd like to have it work on android too. I found some posts about this topics, and I know it doesn't work yet, but that could be a part of my work to to the job, so is it completely impossible ? hard but possible ? easy ?
- Do you think it would be possible to integrate a FIFE window in a Qt GUI ? Qt is great for many things and especially the GUI, so I'l love to use them together. I managed to embed an Irrlicht window in a Qt container some yars ago, so I think it may be possible ?

Right now, that's the only questions that bother me. I'll ask more when I have investigated more !
By the way, FIFE is really impressive in doing isometric games !

Hey, wawanbreton35!

Have you decided on the game engine? Are you going with FIFE, Godot, or some other engine?


No, I haven't decided yet. Actually, I don't have a computer right now to make tests, so I can only read documentations and think about it :)
I'm still wondering whether I should do 2D isometric or use a 3D scene with an orthogonal camera. Both work but have very different complexities. I was quite sure about 2D some weeks ago, but recently I thought about baking my 3D textures so that I can achieve the visual design I imagine, so now I am more on 3D engines again... And Godot then.


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