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Hello everyone, I hope this forum is still active, and that I will meet a lot of great people here who will help in my endeavors.

I am B.A.Shields, the author of Pandemic Dawn series (, and I have started a company a few months ago to design and build a game based on my published novels.

The company is Clocworks Apparatus (, and we are already designing and building apps and games, but just found this place, and are looking at building the next Big Game.

I have boon looking for the past couple of months for something like this, and I am so excited I found it!

If you are interested in using Fifengine and help build this game with us, go to our clockworks website and go to the positions available part of our FORUM.

I look forward to hearing from a few of you, and to what cool things we are going to be creating!

I want to know where to find this information and to publish it.


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