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Hello Everyone


Hi all,
    New here. I'm MichaelStewart on sourceforge, which is where I submitted to join this project. I am currently in the military and 4 classes from obtaining my BS in Computer Science. I have used c/c++ as hobby for over 5 years and am new to Python. I have never worked on a group project so this is new and exciting to me. So in closing I hope I can learn and add alot to this project. Plus I love Fallout.  ;D

Heya Michael :-)

Sorry for getting back to you so late but university does keep me quite busy at the moment. Please give the getting started guide a read:

After checking out the code from SVN you can start to browse it and look into a specific engine module that sounds interesting to work on. Everyone is currently a tad busy but we can hopefully keep in contact via forums and IRC.


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