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Map editor crashed - won't start up anymore



I've got a weird problem. I was running map editor, and it suddenly crashed. Now it doesnt start (tried rebooting computer, reinstalling fife etc.) but just closes the console very quickly after the start. Any ideas if this kind of stuff has happened to someone, or someone has ideas why it might be? our game project python file starts normally and there seems no problems with the map files.

What I can see from the console before it quits is: ElementTree.ParseError: no element found: line 1, column 0

I don't know what was the cause, but got it fixed just by uninstalling FIFE and python - deleting all the folders with those files and reinstalling all.

Sorry for the slow response... Without knowing the full error...  I wonder if it was your settings file.  If this happens again try deleting your settings file and trying again.


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