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Steamfolk Tales engine and environment showcase

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Hi all!

We've decided to put up a little video showing some environment and character art as well as the overal look of the game at the moment. We've been working on this from march this year with full speed (on our spare time), but I've made some graphics art basically starting from January on the game. We have a small indie team currently working on the team: one coder, one graphics artist, 2 sound guys and a writer.

Video is showing preliminary functionality and engine - mainly the graphics side of it. A lot of things are to be improved and added yet. We have working dialogue system, character sheet and inventory at this point, though they are not showed in this video. Combat uses the current functionin RPG formulas, so it is quite accurate as well. Tune up and additional tweaking needed though.

I recorded this with FRAPS while playing, sorry about the bit lossy quality at some points.

Hey Pheidian,
that looks already really great :)

You've done a lot in the last three months, keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to the next video.


I believe the development will eventually slow down a bit, now that we're starting to build the actual storyline, creating the real NPC's in the game, and make the game playable. Realistically we should be able to have playable demo of the first chapter of the game in the following 3-5 months, but we'll see how the things continue developing. I know I've already got a loads of areas to model and render that writer has already written as well as NPC's to go with those areas.

What our goal is, is to create a quite linear, story driven RPG with classic elements and some of our own ideas, with roughly 15-20 hours of gameplay in it. The game is still around 1 and half to two years from completing, that is what I've originally planned it to take to create all the environments for this kind of game (along with characters and other graphics) - I think that's our slowest point anyway, but there's lot of coding and writing to do as well, so we're pretty much advancing the same pace at the moment.

We'll keep you posted :)

This looks great. Keep up the good work!


We're working pretty hard to tackle the beginning of the game and have some solid areas with free movement. There's lot of NPC's and places already written, varying from small florist shops into bigger wilderness areas.

Here's a screenshot of the detail (amongst other stuff) I worked on today - it's nice to add detail over some previously done areas after you keep visiting them and seeing what could be improved - I just hope I've got the time to do with all areas...


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