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An expanded fiferpg demo


The brilliant fiferpg pre-alpha comes with a demo that (by design) doesn't show off all its features from the get-go, so if you happen to be like me and prefer to have a demo to hold your hand while you're figuring out what you can do, this might be nice. Basically all it does is give examples of most (or at least some) of the stuff that's in fiferpg at the moment and makes it accessible through the pychan UI. So you can pick stuff up, read a description of said stuff, drop it, have a chat, check your character stats, watch a description of those stats, and more incredibly exciting things. In case you're interested you can download it here. I mostly just made it as an exercise for myself as I was (and am) getting to terms with python and fife, so there's probably a lot of easier ways to do many of these things.

In case you want to use it, you need the latest fiferpg release (0.1c) and these three commits updated: (1 2 3). If anyone expresses interest in it, I'll try and update when the next release comes along.

I've updated my expanded demo for fiferpg 0.2, and it now also has an (extremely) rudimentary phase based movement combat system in it. Basically, you start combat, select waypoints and execute the movement pattern by pressing end turn, until the timer runs out after which the "turn" ends.

get it here (same link):

As before, there's tons of stuff that could undoubtedly be done in a far more convenient way.

Here's a vid of it in glorious action

I downloaded it, where do I place it so it will run?  thanks!


Generally you just can extract the archive anywhere and run "".

If that does not work you need:

python 2 (2.6+) (
The current FIFE release. (0.3.5) (
fife-rpg (0.2) (


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