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GSoC 2013 - Ideas needed


Wow time has been flying.  We need some ideas for GSoC 2013.

GSoC 2013 Timeline:

Some ideas I've been tossing around are:

* Split up the fife python module into multiple modules (much like vdaras did for fifechan)
* Tools - editor needs some love, atlas creator should be re-written as a plugin to the editor, etc etc
* Website needs an overhaul (probably not a good GSoC task but just throwing it out there.  Could potentially be a bunch of code)
* New C++ sound manager - this was on the list for last year
* More guichan/pychan improvements - still a lot of bugs in the tracker for pychan, maybe a WYSIWYG editor?
* Trigger system - Could work with the new cell cache code helios has done to provide a descent trigger implementation (need to integrate with the editor).
* New file format - I know helios had started something here... not sure where he is at.  In any case it would be great to complete the C++ loaders/savers with the new file format.

Anything to add to the list?  We need to get these posted in the next few days!!!

vtchill had an idea in irc yesterday:

* removing some of our dependency on SDL

And something I just thought of....

* Start moving toward C++11 standards (this could get rid of our smart pointer class as well as some boost dependencies and I believe it supports utf8 strings out of the box)


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