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Author Topic: FIFE development: the good the bad and the ugly  (Read 3618 times)


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FIFE development: the good the bad and the ugly
« on: March 19, 2008, 09:22:48 am »

Here are a couple of questions and I would appreciate all kind of feedback and criticism. If you feel that something is not going into the right direction I'm more than happy that somebody brings up this issue so we can start to resolve it.

1. How do you feel about the general development of the project since you have been involved?
2. What is in your opinion the most important aspect where FIFE development could be improved? Ideas how to actually resolve any issues are appreciated but are not a requirement. It's often easier to simply name where FIFE is lacking ATM and we can think about solutions for these problems together later.
3. Where does FIFE development shine? To which development methods should we stick because they work out pretty well for us?

Thanks for reading all of this. Feedback to any of the points is really appreciated.

First feedback from Wuntvor (copied from another thread):
(I'll skip point 3 for now, as I find it hard to separate from 1+2 right now)

1. In general, I am really surprised at how easy it was for me to jump right into things. Everyone on IRC has been very supportive, and if there's something to discuss, there's always an open ear. The infrastructure (like the build system incl. the sdk) is very good. In general, there is a lot of progress, new things are being worked on all the time and I feel the team is "getting things done".

2. I feel that FIFE may sometimes have a lack of direction. Maybe this is just because I'm still new, but I can't say that I can see a clear "vision" of what FIFE is going to be. Of course, there is a lot of material on the wiki, but it is not always helpful when looking at specific issues. This does have its advantages, and I'm not proposing some kind of dictator who tells me exactly what and how to write it, but in my opinion some more direction might make us more productive.
The only other thing I can think of right now is that sometimes the ticket system on trac could be used more, although I am very much guilty of that myself.

That's all I can think of right now. Again, I may have missed a lot of things being still rather new myself, so please excuse me if that should be the case. :)
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Re: FIFE development: the good the bad and the ugly
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2008, 05:16:32 pm »

1) What to say to that. Some good things of FIFE are e.g. infrastructure (wiki, forums, trac, svn, irc channel), generally positive attitude of people, and lots of interested crowd.

2) My worry is not so much about the lack of direction. In my mind the direction is quite clear at the moment, focus being the island demo and 1.0 functionality (see e.g. First estimate tickets to implement this functionality are already written to trac, however their status might not be totally correct. Basically it comes down to the fact that developing even plain 1.0 island demo takes quite amount of time, and there's plenty of boring and tedious tasks to do. Clear improvements would be a) people would invest more time to FIFE, b) tickets would be used more precisely and c) even the boring tasks are taken to completion by people who start them. On the other hand, all these problems are quite understandable for non-paying project which tries to keep doors open to new collaborators  :-\

3) see (1)


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Re: FIFE development: the good the bad and the ugly
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2008, 09:23:10 am »

Wow. Uh. This could get a long winded post  ;)

Okay let's go.
1) Since I've been involved - well it has been a wild ride. But ah! the smell of spring :) - nowadays I've the feeling FIFE is getting somewhere.

2) Well the real problem is FIFE will eat your free time. It's a greedy project in that regard. How to resolve ... uh?
As far as lack of vision goes I think that's the inherent problem of any engine not tied to a specific game. This is probably resolved with the great approach of the island demo.

3) It really shines in those moments when everybody is around on IRC and problems get resolved with commits right away.