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Quick FYI to all.   I have completed moving the SVN repo to GitHub and all the Trac issues/tickets to GitHub issues.  Check it out here:  Please check it out and let me know if I messed anything up.   Unfortunately I was unable to keep the original authors+dates for the Trac tickets so they all appear to be created yesterday by me.  I added some date stamps to the comments which should suffice.  Also, I was unable to keep ticket attachments because github doesn't support it.  It's a feature I never really made much use of but I'm sure will be missed to an extent.  We'll have to provide another procedure to link to files to somewhat retain that functionality.  I haven't really put much thought into it yet.

Please officially stop using Trac and SVN.  Any work that you have done locally should be made into a patch and applied to a branch in the git repo.  We have some learning to do about git but I encourage you to explore git branches!  See you all in IRC!  I'll be posting an official announcement shortly as well as updating all of our links that point to CloudForge (svn and trac service).


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