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Hi Everyone


    I was recently approached by Martin (mvBarracuda) to work on FIFE, and it sounds pretty interesting so I thought I'd give it a shot :)
umm...lets see, some background?
Feel free to call me Nik...
background is B.S. in Computer Science Engineering
5+ years in C++, 3+ in Java, ~1 year Perl, 2 years SQL, ~1 year k-shell, and some other languages sprinkled here and there...

I'm looking forward to really enhancing my programming paradigms and abilities through making games :)

Look forward to working with you all!

Hello Nik and welcome on the team :-)

Nik does currently reside in Japan so meeting him at the IRC channel at work days will be pretty hard. Nevertheless he can hopefully take a peek into the channel at weekends. As IRC communication is not really an option in this case we should try to stay in contact over the forums. I'm pretty sure some other developers will visit the thread as well and say hello :-)

Have you already found an engine module or trac ticket that sounds pretty interesting so you would like to work on it? If not: we've created two new trac tickets that are related to the planned license switch.

Ticket 1: reimplement screenshot functionality:

Ticket 2: reimplement / remove C++ boost unit tests:

Hi Martin,
I'm gonna start looking at the screenshots code, just getting some time aside to look into it :)


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