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FIFE 0.4.0 has been released on 15th of January, 2017!

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 on: May 03, 2017, 06:13:02 am 
Started by Eric Matyas - Last post by Eric Matyas
I've been super busy creating custom tracks for clients, but I did mange to get a few new tracks done for everyone:

"Defending Their City"

"Serenity Before Fuji"

"Pixel Drama"


"At the Bottom of Europa"

I hope everyone's having a good week!  :-)

 on: April 28, 2017, 09:54:38 am 
Started by Eric Matyas - Last post by Eric Matyas
I've just uploaded about 70 new seamless metal textures. All are 2048X2048. Some have a "camo" look and might work well for military-themed objects. Others have intriguing patterns that might look cool in fantasy-based things. And some are just plain weird looking, but what the heck...give them a look. Hopefully some of them will be helpful.

(Scroll down...they live toward the bottom of the page.)

More are on the way.  :-)

 on: April 27, 2017, 07:03:38 am 
Started by mrcagey - Last post by Niektory
Welcome mrcagey!

The archive wiki articles are quite old and the XML format has changed recently. That's likely the source of your trouble. The demos and Python tutorials on GitHub and FIFErpg should be up to date though, so look into those for examples.

 on: April 25, 2017, 04:03:38 pm 
Started by mrcagey - Last post by mrcagey
Hello, I just found out about the engine and I am using this: to get started.

I am having problems getting started. Whenever I try to import folder or file into the FIFE Editor it crashes immediately. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

I am not mainly a programmer so any advice and help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks :9

EDIT: Seems I can add folders from the demos, so there must be something wrong with my xml file paired with the image?

So next to my grass01.png I have grass.xml which contains:
Code: [Select]
<?fife type="object"?>
<object id="grass01" namespace="hello_world" blocking="0" static="1">
<image source="grass01.png" direction=”45” />

SOLVED: I used this guys files:

They work fine. So Ill try to figure out everything from them. :D

 on: April 24, 2017, 11:43:37 am 
Started by Eric Matyas - Last post by Eric Matyas
More brand new free tracks for everyone...

"REACHING ALTITUDE" – I would love to hear this in a drone video…(I’m a huge fan.) But it might work in a travel video as well.

"THE ASTRONOMY CLUB" – Somehow these kids always seemed to have a lovable goofiness about them. I was never in the astronomy club, but probably should have been…I love all things having to do with space (and certainly qualified as far as the goofy factor was concerned!)

"GRUNGE STREET GAME" – (Looping) Might work under a fighting level.

"MIDNIGHT WANDERER" – Through the cold concrete jungle.

"A CITY FOR ALL MANKIND" – Perhaps one day people will finally learn to get along.

Have a great week!  :-)

 on: April 20, 2017, 07:48:36 am 
Started by Eric Matyas - Last post by Eric Matyas
Hi everyone,

I've uploaded about 50 new metal texture images. Feel free to edit them as needed. You'll find them here:

I hope some of them are helpful!

 on: April 16, 2017, 07:03:01 pm 
Started by Eric Matyas - Last post by Eric Matyas
Hi everyone,

Now that looping versions of most of my tracks are done, I'm back to creating brand new music and soundscapes. Got a new synth, too, so lots of new sounds are on their way. Here are some for starters:

"Sky Runner" (standard and looping)
"Cyber Teen"

"It's Always Sunny in the 80's"
"It's Raining Pixels"
"The Ice Cream Man"

"After the Invasion"

"From the Sand to the Stars"

I hope some of them are useful!  :-)

 on: April 10, 2017, 07:56:42 am 
Started by Eric Matyas - Last post by Eric Matyas
Hi everyone,

Things have finally calmed down a bit...pfew! ...In that spirit here's:

"Gulf Breeze"_Looping

The rest of this week's new free tracks are from my Technology Page...I think some of them might work in sci-fi themed projects. They are:

"Intriguing Future"_Looping

"Future Business"_Looping

"Future Grid"_Looping

"Switch On"_Looping

Enjoy your week!  :-)

 on: April 07, 2017, 05:45:52 am 
Started by Qoroq - Last post by Qoroq
Yes, blasphemy, but would some things be easier to borrow work from other isometric based game engines? Like Genie, Infinity, or the Orpheus Engine? Orpheus is technically updated version of the Original Fallout game.

Even something as simple as asset lifting, would it make things easier?

 on: April 07, 2017, 05:19:00 am 
Started by Qoroq - Last post by Qoroq
I dabble. I was working on a prototype for cryengine, but decided that in order to model every intricate thing I want, it will take decades, and plus I have been an absurd fan of Fallout(In some ways more than others, and in other ways quite critical of it.)

I have been working on a project for almost two years now, which in reality isn't very long, when you look at the scope of things.

So I have a semi finished website, a free website editor is a bit easier than making a website from scratch and I have done that three times now, but it always ends up being complex and a bit buggy, but:

SOL is the name of the project I am working on. I have some Cryengine screenshots as well, I just hated having a team of people to constantly rely on for everything. So I have been the one to glue everything together for quite some time.
My original dream was a bit too ambitious so now I have created a secondary G.ame D.esign D.ocument, and in doing so making a small prototype game, which will make the process of a larger scale venture easier and less likely to collapse under it's own weight.
That is to say, make a prototype that is smaller scale, and then take the elements from that to make the larger scale, it is just more efficient and in the short run more efficient. I approached my past project all wrong, too much thrown at something all at once, and when you model things...eventually you can have a bunch of assets, that you keep as placeholders, but then if you do everything as a placeholder than you have an ugly mess and have to re-model everything for polish and it's an annoying ugly mess. Plus I am more of an artist than a modeler and so 2D ventures is where my heart is at, like with detailed sprites, sprite-gifs, and so forth.

I will probably post more to this post, showing some pictures and screenshots and such, but I also make custom fonts, and have worked with MUGEN before, but as a sidescroller it's kinda not what I want and an isometric engine offers a lot of what a strictly 3D engine might save for first person.

I have tons of assets, music, skills, and if anyone wished to help me with my project, I implore you to ask questions.

That said. Helping FIFE inadvertently helps me if I am going to take this engine seriously. I have looked into....I want to say 25+ engines, and I like FIFE, A LOT. It's appeal is nostalgic but also efficient. It has a kind of simulated 3D feel to it.

Your's Truly:

PS: I find it impressive that there are like a dozen people, if that, who are keeping this engine afloat, I respect that.

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