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FIFE 0.4.0 has been released on 15th of January, 2017!

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I see. I cant really say much more because I´m not a 1.13 dev, but from the outlook, the whole thing wont happen anway. Its so typical, everyone is opossing your ideas. I mean, how streamlined can it possible get using FIFE? I´m really dissapointed, because no one even is conisdering doing, they even didnt looked into it at all.

I bump this before it falls into obscurity or something.

Well, I think its still worth a try. In the time the 1.13 devs work on the mod and you guys updtae your engine, the updates could be incoprated into the work, a make over will take time anway so I do not see that much of a problem.

So, did any 1.13 devs contated you guys yet? Guess I have to raise the thread about the graphic improvment in the Bears Pit forums as well.

Well, maybe we wernt clear enough: we dont want a "cutting edge" 2D engine, what we want is a 2D engine that has better graphics and that can eaiser modded then the current one. As I said, the amount of work hacking the JA2 engine is almost the same or equally to the amount of work and time you need to replace the graphics engine totally.

What FIFE currently offers is more then enough for the 1.13 mod needs. Switching to the FIFE graphic engine would remove a lot of limitations the mod team currently has to deal with, like the limited space in the Laptop screen and the fact that we have no scroll bars and that they are hard to code in, not to forget that they cant use 16 or 32 bit graphics etc. etc.

All the things like lightning and OpenGL are mostly optional, but not really needed at the very moment.  Also, the 1.13 mod is bascially a platform for other people to make JA2 mods and currently, adding new weapons or graphics is very complicated. You need and STI tool, the fitting graphics and then an XML tool just to add a new gun to the game.

Custom graphics like Cars or Choppers and Tanks are also not easy to add, even if it was done. Another point is animations: adding new ones is a pain in the ass. Some new animations would also help gameplay wise, like firing rocket launchers from a prone or chrougin position, instead of standing up. Or what about jumping through windows? What if we want to add a animation where Mercs climb ladders?

As you see, there are many things that would slove iiself wehn we would use FIFE, because its more flesxible and adding new contents isnt that much of a problem.

So, no "cutting edge" just something that looks better and has more functionality and fexbility then we currently have.

Well, I would like to know if FIFE has destructable enviorment, like blowing up walls and trees and such.

Well, I hope you know JA2 and we also discussed the idea of improving the given graphics, but thing is, JA2 uses STI and JSD file formats for the Graphics and maps and they are currently hard to change. Also, the current JA2 graphic dosent even use 16 or 32 bit colors, nor does it have any high details ala FIFE.

We finally want to see the gun the Merc carries along with what armor he wears and a overall graphically improvment with 16 or even better 32 bit colors that are are done in a format that can be eaisly changed and modded.

The current graphic isnt bad, but its really old and redoing the this graphic will take as much as replacing it, so in the end, switching to another engine is the better option, so we can also remove all types of restriction engine wise.

I know, its a lot of work, but is worth a try. FIFE seems to be the most suitable for this job.

So, from the chat log, its possible to use the engine to improve the graphics, is that correct?`That would be aswome.

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