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FIFE 0.4.0 has been released on 15th of January, 2017!

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Framework development / Re: view_performance branch testing
« on: December 29, 2009, 01:40:00 am »
I just wanted to say: Thanks for the thorough testing and kind words.  :)

I am aware of those glitches which aren't screenshotable,
and have a good idea where the segfault is coming from.

Hopefully I'll be able to work out those problems so that we may enjoy
a faster 3.0 release.


Framework development / Re: Python coding standards
« on: October 21, 2009, 10:32:13 am »
Hi there,

I honestly think you should head over to the PEP008 first.
That's where most of our guidelines were inspired from.

Regarding UnitTests, we have a bit of a problem there as the code in question (mostly) is ...

  • The Editor
  • The Gui Library

... and those are difficult to test.

As a documentation generator we use epydoc, another great tool is sphinx.
Django uses it - and well it's docs are awesome(1).

Good luck with your project :-)



Framework development / Re: October Developer IRC Meeting
« on: October 21, 2009, 02:19:11 am »
It sure was :-), thanks for the consideration!

I might not be able to attend but I'll try.
Man, I wish I could clone myself.


Framework development / Re: September developer meeting
« on: September 10, 2009, 06:00:36 am »
Sorry for the distraction, but it seems I will be able to attend  ;)

Personally I don't mind moving the meeting quite a bit as I just got a job with a pretty
close deadline and won't be able to really concentrate on FIFE.


Framework development / Re: September developer meeting
« on: September 09, 2009, 05:11:33 am »
And I have to say, that I can't come :-(
So yeah, I'll read the logs afterwards.


Code: [Select]
 path = []
  # Append will add a single list as first entry into the path list
  # you need extend here.
  # Even better style is:
  path = self.agent.getPath()
  print " path 0 ", path[0]
  print " path 1 ", path[1]

Btw. A great test case would be path preview.
That is to show the path the hero would take
before clicking.


instance.cpp <- Here be dragons.

Nice catch with the action/runtime confusion.

Your explanation sounds reasonable, but - well - test it and we're good to go :-).
Any refactoring of the instance.cpp would be appreciated.


Framework development / Re: September developer meeting
« on: September 01, 2009, 01:43:37 pm »
I prefer sundays for those internet meetings.


I don't think you want to use the frame index but the 'runtime' of the animation/action.
This seems to map nicely to 'growth time'.

Browsing through our code setting this isn't possible at the moment.

I think ideally you would be able to get/set the game time and to get/set
the starting time of the actions. This is  a bit tricky due to the added complexity
of the time multipliers.

Anyway for the simple solution a ticket is added:


Framework development / Re: [Light] Review
« on: August 27, 2009, 05:35:10 am »

more poking :)

This changeset is bad.

All SDL images for internal use are SW surfaces for ... speed and reliability.

The place to change this to HW surfaces is - - line 63.

However actually getting HW acceleration from SDL surfaces is tricky. (And has it's own problems - e.g. you MAY loose
the actual contents of the surface (win32) (not 100% sure) - check the documentation of SDL_BlitSurface).

The change with SDL_DisplayFormat happens inside SDLImage::finalize or optimize.


Framework development / [Roadmap] Update
« on: August 25, 2009, 06:20:38 am »

I took the liberty to move a few Trac tickets around.

2009.1 now contains those pesky compile/build problems we need to solve. I also added a ticket for the light branch - i think we should be able to merge that one in unless some showstoppers show up.

2009.2 now contains the tickets we agreed upon some time ago or which should get another review.

Deleted is now nearly empty, the last one being the rotation ticket. I have no idea about the state of that,
but after that is reviewed the milestone can be closed.

I think we should go with 2009.1 being the 0.3.0 FIFE release and 2009.2 being the 0.4 one.
But we can have a short chat on that coming meeting.


Framework development / Re: User suggestions and requests
« on: August 25, 2009, 05:55:07 am »
You are right about the use of layers as elevations.

The comments in the Map Format article (and x_/y_offset) predate the feature to rotate the camera on the view.

Now it should be done by a z_offset. Nice catch.

Related Ticket:


Framework development / [Light] Review
« on: August 25, 2009, 02:14:18 am »

I'll dump my review of the light branch here.

First impressions are - compiles, code looks clean, no problems in tests and rio de hola.
My only complain in that regard would be 'Too Many Classes in one File' - but personally
I'm fine with that.

  • LightRenderer.getgloballight/setgloballight need to be renamed.
  • I'm sure getgloballight doesn't work as intended.
  • setgloballight pushes a new Global Light info every time it's called. That's odd as it's a global (read one time) thing.
  • What's the rationale behind the grouping?
  • There seems to be a subtle interaction between the OpenGL renderbackend and the light renderer (e.g. the OpenGL state is assumed to be GL_LIGHTING is enabled and other stuff) - care to explain?
  • Needs more documentation :)
  • A demo of it's use is necessary - add that to rio de hola?

... so I think we can merge this - given that helios intends to
maintain it a bit more until it's use has trickled through and other devs
have a bit more knowledge.

All in all great work!


Recent changes might have fixed this.
Please scons and test again.


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