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Introduce yourself / Sadr: An introduction
« on: February 11, 2008, 05:40:26 pm »

I'm guessing none of you guys really know me except mvBarracuda, who is the reason I'm here right now. After reading on that FIFE was looking for assistance, I applied, and mvBarracuda took me in. Taking into account my available hours, I should be considered only an active advisor/contributor, occasionally making certain efforts.

My skills provided to this project are as follows:
  • Project Management
  • Creative Writing
  • Creative Design

This might expand depending on my spare time.

As for some quick words about myself:
My real name is Erlend S. Heggen (the S. is awfully mysterious isn't it?). I have ambitions of becoming a professional game developer some day, refining my skills on a daily basis, taking what I do very seriously. Apart from school, friends and sports acitivities, what swallows the greatest portion of my time is my big major involvement in the creation of the game Radakan.

Well, well, that's me. Hope it suits you :P

I'm an old Warcraft 3 modder, having shown my face in the community and getting a few contacts here and there. Having recently seen that a mod in Warcraft 3 (a so-called 'Tower Defence') has become so popular as a fun minigame that it has also been introduced as a browserplayed flash-game, I couldn't help thinking how this game could very well be made in FIFE as well.

Some Flash examples:

So here's the thing:
Element TD might very well be the most popular Wc3 mod in the TD genre, having had 2-3 popular flash games made for it already. What I was thinking, was that maybe I could get in touch with the developer of this TD and ask if maybe he could be willing to create a stand-alone version of his game, using FIFE. If not, then he might still be willing to assist in the making of such a game, being in charge of the main concept, balance and so on, so maybe we could find someone else willing to do this.


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