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General discussion / Fallout-dat-support: Is it still needed?
« on: March 09, 2008, 06:02:38 pm »
I am currently working on integrating physfs into FIFE (branch /branches/active/physfs). Among other things, this should make it easy to add write support to our vfs code as well. However, there's one problem: The fallout dat-support.

Of course, it's possible to wrap physfs inside of the current vfs code (by just writing a sourceprovider for it), but it'd make this quite pointless as it'd mean that everything else still stays the same and we'd basically be wrapping a vfs inside of another vfs.
Otherwise we'd have to try and add support for the fallout file format to physfs, which doesn't sound like a trivial task either.

The question is, will anyone be using the dat-loader? Since FIFE won't really support anything else from Fallout (correct me if I'm wrong), it sounds kind of pointless to me anyway. If someone absolutely wants to use the Fallout graphics, he can still convert the files and just use these in FIFE.

Code: [Select]
<barra> yep, in case the need arises again later (e.g. somebody would like to create a game based on Fallout gfx) we could reevaluate it
<barra> and leave the work to this person :-)

So what do you all think?

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