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FIFE 0.4.0 has been released on 15th of January, 2017!

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I've got a weird problem. I was running map editor, and it suddenly crashed. Now it doesnt start (tried rebooting computer, reinstalling fife etc.) but just closes the console very quickly after the start. Any ideas if this kind of stuff has happened to someone, or someone has ideas why it might be? our game project python file starts normally and there seems no problems with the map files.

What I can see from the console before it quits is: ElementTree.ParseError: no element found: line 1, column 0

Hi all!

We've decided to put up a little video showing some environment and character art as well as the overal look of the game at the moment. We've been working on this from march this year with full speed (on our spare time), but I've made some graphics art basically starting from January on the game. We have a small indie team currently working on the team: one coder, one graphics artist, 2 sound guys and a writer.

Video is showing preliminary functionality and engine - mainly the graphics side of it. A lot of things are to be improved and added yet. We have working dialogue system, character sheet and inventory at this point, though they are not showed in this video. Combat uses the current functionin RPG formulas, so it is quite accurate as well. Tune up and additional tweaking needed though.

I recorded this with FRAPS while playing, sorry about the bit lossy quality at some points.

Hey all!

Just wondering if people are using FIFE currently for making some neat games - we sure are, but it'll probably take another month or two to actually publish something from it. So we'll definitely be posting something as we make some progress with it.

Introduce yourself / Greetings from Finland
« on: March 08, 2014, 02:54:29 am »

I'm a 3D graphics artist and visual designer professional and have a long term relationship with PC RPG's. I've been doing 3D for living for the past 10 years now, total experience in Lightwave 3D is roughly 16 years now. I've formed up a indie group aiming to do a classic style isometric RPG themed in a unique Victoran era style world with steampunk technology. So it's not going to be classic post apocalyptic steampunk, but rather "historical 19th century steampunk" game. It's based on a free upcoming finnish pen&paper roleplaying engine and world my friend is developing with his crew. What we are lacking at the moment most, is lead coder and engine since it seems our engine developer has vanished in the thin air for some unknown reason. We are semi-actively looking for alternative engines to work on as well as some support coders for the project. We currently have 1 coder, me as a graphics artist( yes, I do all characters, animation, backgrounds, items, gui design - but that's my passion and where I'm relatively good at), 1 professional writers, two musicians & Sound FX guys (one pro) and two RPG engine specialists to convert the tabletop game into a PC game. What we would love to have, is a lead coder though, to take things forward in the engine side.


I'm a lead designer and AD of a new project we've started around a month ago. It seems that our own engine developer possibly vanished from the earths surface since no one can get hold of him, so we're trying to find alternatives to continue the work.

Few questions that regard our game creation methods:

- Does  FIFE support pre-rendered backgrounds and color ID layering for depth sorting (background, object layer, always on top) - We don't want to do all of the assets pre-rendered, since we are animating the shit out of all entities (butterflies, trees, grass patches waving in the wind). But we dont want to go to full tile based planning, to be able to make more handcrafter looking backgrounds and worlds - architectural wise as well as nature design wise.
- If it does, how efficient the engine is for big background maps of roughly sized 8192x8192 - naturally engine / we can split it up to smaller textures as well if this is becoming a performance issue.
- Is there a possibility to implement new depth sorting methods for FIFE engine, for example taking the generated zbuffer from pre-rendered background and use is together with ground level "depth gradient" to sort height differences and depth dynamically troughout the map.

Thanks in advance, I'm not one of our coders so my explanations may be "graphics designer point of view" more than technical knowledge stuff.

Here's a little preview test image to show what we mean (trees are going to be animated sprites so they wiggle in the wind) - but the statue for example needs to be depth sorted and we don't want it to be separate tile.

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