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General discussion / How to start? Problems...
« on: November 05, 2008, 06:09:24 am »
Do FIFE have good tutorials? I study software engeenering (I know C++, Java, Python and OCaml. I have good knowlage of XML and UML) and I was thinking to make a simple 2d isometric game. I always wrote my programs from beginnig to the end alone, some times using some usefull lib. Now to make things more simple, I woudlike to writte something based on FIFE engine. I tried to read wiki, but I coundn't find interesting information about FIFE. So I have some quastions:
1. Is FIFE just on stage C++ lib, what can I use in my programs to render graphic? Or something more? I mean there are some tools what help me create the game?
2. If there are tools, are there in this dowload pack on this site?
3. Is there toturial how to using FIFE (and propobly the simple tools) make Hello World program and simple interface or explanations of basic structure of FIFE.
4. I red that FIFE use scripts in Python and XML structure? How it work?

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