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General discussion / Questions before I start work
« on: March 30, 2011, 04:51:36 pm »

I am soon going to be looking into making a game, a fairly simple game. Mainly a 'see if I can do it' sort of thing, but I do intend on after getting a working proof of concept (as in, proof I can do it) i will probably try to develop it into a full blown game. FIFE is currently the best engine I can find for what I am wanting, an isometric view.

Is the FIFE engine likely capable of doing this sort of thing:
Large amounts of simultaneous animations
Large amounts of AI 'bots' (the 'enemies')
An 'inside' feel, black outer walls, stuff like that. (Like this: Image)
The big one, weapons.
Fairly speedy loading of different maps between levels (if this is even possible?)

I've only come accross one game based upon FIFE (Unknown Horizons), which is the total opposite sort of thing as I am going for (A general indoor shoot em up, similar Zombie Shooter - which the above Image is from)

Secondly: how on earth do you actually launch this thing? I have installed Python 3.2, but whenever I click on anything from the start --> all programs it doesn't load anything. So I cannot try the demo for myself.

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