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FIFE 0.4.0 has been released on 15th of January, 2017!

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Framework development / User suggestions and requests
« on: July 29, 2009, 07:12:31 am »
Hi everybody! :)

  I didnt knew exactly where to post suggestions or requests, so I thought that "Framework development" was a usefull place for this.
  Also I was about to continue posting on several old forum topics but I consider that resuming all into one new topic is more clear  :).  

  I have been testing some features of FIFE and FIFE Map Editor because Im trying to develop a game, and well , at this moment Im really glad and happy of finding FIFE,I may love it already  ;) , I really like what is capable of being done over this engine.

  Mainly ,I want my game maps to be rotated ingame, like Rio the hola, and also I want to implement  multiple elevations, allowing characters to move throught the layers (mostly on buildings with levels/ elevations.) It may sounds ambitious , but i have already managed to edit some early maps with this features and currently the most big trouble i have is the lack of multigrid instances :'( .
  Maybe being a newbie is not enought to suggest changes or improvements yet, because I may be wrong with some aproaches :-\ , but at least I want to contribute the project with some ideas and sugestions, that also are my current needs. The ones in black are the most importants/urgents for me:

   FIFE Engine:
  • Multicell or Multigrid Objects:Allow some objects to ocuppie more than just one cell/grid. Without this, overlapping and false physics ocurrs.
  • Elevation support:(Maybe is already fully implemented)Allow characters to walk on layers with multiple elevations.
  • Lightnings:Global light setup and individual spots of lights for characters and lamps.
  • A more detailed error string when parsing xml files, to show better the problem.(I had lot of trouble,sometimes FIFE just hangs up when importing objects and its difficult to identify the problem. )Syntax errors as well as file errors, like long filenames or bad characters (non ASCII chars ) errors.
  • Fake alpha removal: I dont know if its implemented yet, I mean a feature to remove a background color and replace it with full alpha transparency.(On the techdemo I read something about this on the config xml file, I tested it but didnt make it work.)

   Map Editor:
  • Multiple instance rotation and offset corrector
  • Improved Object Editor: providing offset correction on actions too
  • Multiple Instance copy and paste .
  • Ground tile huge area generator:Select a tile object for the area ,a layer,and the size of the rectangular area
  • Current Instance Rotation : all new instances are generated with the rotation value selected (avoids clicks and several time lost)
  • Current Instance Offset(at least z axis elevation): all new instances are generated with the x y z  offset value selected (avoids clicks and several time lost)
  • Layer Elevation Support:I dont really know how should be implemented, but the idea is this one: should be a graphical z offset for each layer to provide , mainly, wall elevations for buildings.
  • Manual xml instance/ object/layer editor:A text editor for the current instance/ object/layer selected to make "manually debugging"of the texts

   Forum :
  • A new category: User sugestions and requests, to allow users to post ideas and needs on this forum. (Off course if there is no prior place to post this topics. :P )

I hope not to be so anoying with all this requests , I know that this is an open source project  ;D , but with this I want to also show you all that FIFE is very alive, and is moving slowly  fowards (There will be more and more people in time ,using it to make games or who knows what else!).

Thank you all guys for listening! ;)


Game creators corner / About the Map Geometry
« on: July 25, 2009, 12:47:49 am »
Hi everybody!  :)

    There is a lot of info on internet about map geometry on 2D isometric game engines and grid types, after searching and studing about the topic, I still have some questions that I wish to ask because I dont fully understand some things,I need a more practical and less theorical point of view to apply it on my game  :) .

   I want to use the FIFE ingame map rotation feature :o , actually my tests consists on maps with a rotation of 45 degree and tilt value of -60 ,with the square grid type,I am already using rectangular ground tiles like this one:

  In fact all the ground tiles Im going to use are rectangular like the one above.

  Like the classic Fallout combat systems ;) , I want to use hexagonal battle grids with turn based combats. Im now planning the map geometry that Im going to use on my game. At first I thought  that because the geometry of my tiles I had to use square grids on all layers, but thinking that the battle grids are hexagonal, and are positioned at the object layer (layer with walls, characters and other objects),

  1) My 1st question is what type of grids I should use on each layer.

  2) My 2nd question is a simple one: On which cases is good to use square and hexagonal grids and what is the practical difference between them

  I am also planning to allow my characters to move through several layers, I made some tests but I fail to stack more than 1 building level  (building level= ground+objects+roof layers) on the same map. I managed to just edit 1 building level by asigning offsets to objects, but I want to know if there is another way to do this because when I define an object like a roof tile with an y_offset to fit into a 1st building level, and i want to use it also on a 2nd building level , I need to use another object to avoid changing again its offset value. Remember that I need to rotate the map  ingame. I also tryed the layer y_offset and x_offset values, but they dont work as I spected when rotating the map.

  3) So my 3rd question is how do I should stack more than 1 building level into the same map?
UPDATE: Ive just make a test and I succesfully use the z axis value of instances to raise a wall to a 2d building level and  it rotate just perfect, but i wish to still hear from someone with experience if this method is the right one if I want later to allow characters to walk on rooves and to climb ladders and such things... :)

Introduce yourself / Hi everyone, Im Fallouturama.
« on: July 22, 2009, 07:23:55 am »
Hi Everyone !  :)

 Im Fallouturama  :) , I have to confess that I am another Fallout 1 & 2 fan and since a while Ive watched FIFE admired, but with fear,because I have not  experience on game development,but now I have decided to give FIFE and me a chance :).Im actually impressed by Zero, I swear, (really, Im not saying this to buy your help chewie !!!  :)  lol  )I am waiting to play it as well as Fonline, and I have already try Krai Mira, all post apocalyptic games.

My plan is the development of another fan made post-apocalyptic RPG game , aiming to be as faithfull to Fallout as it can be, following the same style , history and art.

By the moment Im just by myself on this quest,I know that Is a long path of hard work, but by the moment i have time to spend, and a lot of passion to offer.

I was planning to introduce myself earlier, but I posposed, sorry everyone!!! :)

Long Life to FIFE and to the comunity  ;) !!!!


Game creators corner / HUD implementation
« on: July 22, 2009, 05:46:34 am »
Hello everyone!  :)

   This time I wish to know how to implement a HUD with transparency and no rectangular borders in  FIFE. For example a png image with transparency @ the background. I havent try anything with pychan yet, maybe my answer is there, but what i have noticed in the pychan test/demo client is that all examples are windows or dialogs. Does anyone has an example of code , to help me to do this :) ? Im not a python guru :'( ,thats why I ask for help, but I wish to learn...I would apretiate any help  :) .

Game creators corner / About the Map Editor
« on: July 21, 2009, 06:19:03 am »
 Hello guys, its me again :P .

   I wish to know if there is any improved  Map Editor version around the community, I dont mean that the current trunk version is bad,Its cool already,but  I wish to handle more deeply (a bit more technically) and easily the object and map editing, I had a lot of objects with position offsets to correct, and I have a lot of issues while rotating objects like walls and others than need to be rotated (and also created with a specific rotation)in mass. Ive noticed that maybe there is a bug concerning the rotation editing of instances, has anyone managed to fix that ?.I thought  that maybe the guys at Zero, PARPG or Unknown Horizons had an improved map editor, or at least some other plugins or tools to handle the object editing more graphically and less "textically"  ;D .

I also want to know how is that FIFE choose default actions for an instance . Ive noticed that when working with the editor, It chooses an action without allowing to change it with a tool, and I haven't seen on the object.xml file an option to select an action as a default one.

Game creators corner / FIFE drawing order inside the same layer
« on: July 17, 2009, 06:38:27 pm »
Hello guys :)

I was on the map editor and I imported a tile and tryed to fill a surface with it, when I realize that  this tile has a lil border at the edges of it, mostly the down edges, like a 3D shadow or deep or something like that.

I thought that was inevitable :( , that I wont be able to use that tile in the map because when i put some of this tiles together, the borders are shown too,and they form like a grid.

So I tried to simulate the problem with the same tile on a SVG editor, and I reverse the  order in which the tiles were drawn in FIFE, and the results got better.The down edge borders are covered by the other tiles.

I made this comparative graphic  to show you what I did.

I know that there is a stackposition ('stackpos' ) option  per instance in the map xml file, i havent tryied that, but i thing that that option was ment to be used only on instances with exactly the same location.So I guess this is not the solution.Besides Its dificult to modify this property for each tile instance.

I also check If the order on which the tiles are put by the users in the map editor makes this behaviour to change, but thats didnt work that way.

Here is my question... ??? There is something that I can do to change FIFE's default drawing order to draw graphics from up to down  and not from down to up of the map (what I guess is currently doing)?.

Please, help me guys, If there is no simple solution for this kind of tiles, bad news for me and my tiles.  :'( .

Game creators corner / Objects transparency and fake alpha
« on: July 13, 2009, 10:01:34 pm »
Hi guys, Its me again with another question :P.

Ive read in the Rio de Hola techdemo, that the xml configuration file has fake alpha removal activated
Code: [Select]
<SDLRemoveFakeAlpha> 1 </SDLRemoveFakeAlpha> so i tryed to add an object which frames are in png format, and those images have no transparency /alpha bit in the background, instead of that ,they have an rgb color (html lightgray).I wanted to remove that color and replace it with transparency.

Runing the game I realize that there is no background substitution to transparent at all,the image still has all the background coloured . I dont know if i should make a batch fix to all the images with a tool, or if FIFE replaces that automatically. It seems not to work for me,maybe im doing something wrong?

If i had to fix all the images by myself, someone knows a Win/DOS command line tool that could generate png2png images with that fix? Ive search on Google, but i hadnt succeded. Hope you can help me guys :).


Hi everybody, its my first post on this forum.
      In first place i have to say thanks to all of those who make the FIFE project possible. I am a pc ing. student, fallout fan (dont worry guys,i know wut FIFE now means :)  ), and since i meet this engine, i put my both eyes on it.I think its great  ;) .

       I installed FIFE in my Core2Duo WinXP (with FIFE 2008.1 (r2512) Win32 installer), no trunk(SVN) version yet. I try the map editor, and i modify Rio de hola client, but Im worried about the performance of the clients at the loading objects/map phase. With 5 objects i added to the demo game, it takes like 3 min. to start up  ??? . I know my objects are bigger (have  more png files) than Rio de Hola game, but I hope to find out a better solution rather that removing some frames.

  So i have 2 questions:

        1)Its that a normal behavior to take those times when loading objects? Is there any suggestion/solution you or FIFE funtionality could give me?
        2)Ive read that a vfs was about to be implemented in FIFE. That might be a solution? How are games, for example Project Zero, storing their data (graphics,sounds,etc..).

  Well, i wish to get deeper into this engine, i have some game project in mind and I know python a bit (still learning). Ill thank any replies.

P.S.: Sorry for my english, im from Argentina :) .

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