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Title: Greetings Program
Post by: RidePlanet on December 26, 2011, 03:38:20 pm

I'm a novice developer (novice in the extreme), working on learning to develop games purely out of self-interest and with the goal of discovery the primary motivation.  I'm studying Transportation Control Systems as an Engineer, and I'm familiar with programming, but I've only just started to learn about game dev.

I'm working on a personal project tentatively titled "Founder Effect".  I'm keeping a blog to help me stay motivated and encourage progress, you can check it out here (  The basic idea is a combination of Dwarf Fortress and Alpha Centauri without the combat present in either.  It's more of a you against the elements game.  Get the details from the blog.

I look forward to developing my understanding of engines through the use of FIFE, and I will probably be on the IRC occasionally looking for help.