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Title: Hello To All FIFE-ers!
Post by: Benchwarmers on February 16, 2011, 09:24:50 am
Hello, there. As you all have already guessed, I am quite new here in the forum section. I have downloaded and installed the latest FIFE Engine version 0.3.2r2 which the download page says that you MUST have Python version 2.7 but I have Python 3.1.1 prior to that so I used it instead. I'm not too sure if it makes any difference. If anyone knew, please do tell me, yeah?  ;)

Got FIFE Engine installed in a few minutes but have no idea whatsoever of how to use it. All the .py extension files I tried to click on opened and close as fast in a flash. Searched around the folders and saw nothing much but scripts and python files. The only way I could explore deeper is to run or any other .py extension files in IDLE mode. Is there some sort of application or something that I missed out to start building a game from scratch? Maybe a certain software I need to download or something?

Any help would much be appreciated  ;D
Title: Re: Hello To All FIFE-ers!
Post by: prock on February 16, 2011, 10:47:27 am
Hi Benchwarmers,

Unfortunately for the pre-compiled version of FIFE you MUST use python version 2.7 because that is what FIFE was compiled for.  You'll have to re-install FIFE once you have the correct version of Python installed.  You should then be able to use the start->programs->fife->demos shortcuts to launch one of the demos and play around a little.   

FIFE isn't really a "game maker" type engine.  It's more of a bare framework used to make games.  We don't have any tutorials at the moment so your best bet is to start with the rio_de_hola and shooter demos to get a better understanding of FIFE.  You can also ask questions in the forum or on IRC ( and we will help you out!

Hope this helps...

Title: Re: Hello To All FIFE-ers!
Post by: rivon on February 19, 2011, 04:50:37 am
You know, you need to know how to program to make a game in FIFE.