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Title: Introducing myself
Post by: Luftzig on January 20, 2011, 03:50:56 am
I'm Yoav, a CS student from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and I had taken some interest in FIFE lately, first when I found out about PARPG, and then when I started taking a C++ workshop and realized that there's no way I could learn how to code properly without working on a real, well managed and interesting project. FIFE seems like it fits the description.
My background is a world apart, in programming micro-controllers, simple operating systems, and debugging Linux kernel drivers. I had also worked some time on Freeciv but became disinterested due to the complexity of managing an object oriented design in a language that doesn't support this paradigm well (C).
I would like to get started on debugging the engine itself, but I'm not sure how and where to start. I've been reading some tickets, but I'm not sure how can I reproduce those bugs or test the given patches.
I also have some game ideas (like using FIFE to reproduce a "Master of Magic" clone), but I would like to start on working on the engine itself.
Title: Re: Introducing myself
Post by: prock on January 20, 2011, 09:35:13 am
Hi Yoav,

First I would like to say welcome to the FIFE community!  I'm one of the FIFE project leads.  I started on FIFE by re-writing the build system and have been hooked on improving FIFE ever since.   After that re-write I decided that the best way to familiarize myself with FIFE's internals was to write a small game (check out the shooter demo in the demos directory).   It gave me a base understanding of how everything works together in FIFE.  I then started diving into the engine code itself.  The heart of FIFE is the Model-View-Controller architecture.  That might be a good starting point for you. 

Of course if you have any questions about anything at all feel free to ask on the forums here or in IRC.  (#fife on freenet)