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Title: hello world
Post by: JB85 on October 07, 2010, 07:44:19 am
Hi, everyone. Beginning programmer and enthusiast here. Fife seems like an interesting tool and I am still trying to learn the program and learn writing games. I am writing in the Python language,  I also have some graphics work experience. I was hoping someone could give me a little common knowledge which I seem to be having some trouble figuring out on my own or perhaps I missed a tutorial somewhere?! Question is, can I use FIFE like a map editor when creating maps, import a tile and place whichever ones I want around on the map. Or are the maps created from a program language and then imported into FIFE just to view it? Please help me better understand this concept, I would like to become involved within this community if this program is what I am needing.

Title: Re: hello world
Post by: vtchill on October 07, 2010, 08:12:42 am
Hello and welcome to FIFE!

I will try and answer your questions.

FIFE is a game engine which just means that it provides a framework of common functionality for creating games. FIFE also comes with a set of tools to make game creation easier including a map editor. The map editor is a graphical front end user interface that allows you to interface with the underlying engine code to do things such as importing art assets and placing then on a canvas in a point and click fashion.

While the tools included with FIFE attempt to make things easier you will still need a good amount of programming knowledge to create a full game.
Title: Re: hello world
Post by: JB85 on October 07, 2010, 08:57:22 am
thanks vtchill for your quick response and help. I will move this discussion and further questions over to the general discussion page. To add a little more to this topic and to reply to your post.. I have used Pygame to create a few basic games with graphics, user input, objects and so on.. This is my attempt to take things to the next level and learn as much as possible. FIFE seemed interested for me to do so.