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Post by: Shawnturner on November 30, 2017, 03:31:31 am
Hi -

While going through the aspnetzero "developing an application step by step" phonebook example, it's become quickly obvious that a deeper knowledge of the boilerplate and module zero is a plus. I would like to setup an environment where one can freely browse the source of all relevant modules from within Studio. How are you guys setup? Do you recommend importing the entire boiler and zero projects within our local template solution? There are pros and cons for a variety of different approaches here, so I'm just wondering how you guys are setup internally to develop and release templates and frameworks.

Also, what is the preferred way to present issues and file bugs. In github issues and/or here on the forum? Especially for paid up commercial developers like us.


1 - I found that the phonebook example references a dto helper "ListResultOuput" that has been deprecated (I think?) for ListResultDto. Where best to file and issue like that?

2- I don't get the pretty error 500 exception page like the example. Rather, mine is a normal trace. Code like that is obviously buried in boilerplate exception handling. Where best to file an issue like that?

Thanks in advance.

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