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Title: Hello from a dev wannabe :)
Post by: vienastoks on September 29, 2013, 03:07:08 pm
Hello, guys!

I'm also coming from modding (never was a part of any community though). What I fancy now is to attempt to write a mini-game (an one-map scenario really) as a test to my ability/perseverance.  :)

From what I've seen FIFE seems a good platform to build my game with. What I'm thinking about is something like Eschalon. Is it possible? If not entirely, which parts of that game (hope you're familiar with it) would not be possible to do? What about animated overlays (mist, rain, snow)?

Thanks in advance for your reply!
Title: Re: Hello from a dev wannabe :)
Post by: ChrisOelmueller on September 30, 2013, 09:05:37 am
Hi vienastoks and welcome!

This is the first time i hear about Eschalon. Hope i can still be of some help:

In general, Rio (demos/rio_de_hola) showcases much of what FIFE provides, so hacking around its code can be a good warm-up procedure.

Animation overlays are possible with recent FIFE git (newer than 0.3.5 release). Setting up that development version is less of a pain than it sounds (even on Windows) however ;-)

And finally, there's the  fife-rpg  framework ( developed by Beliar. It provides more features specialized towards RPG developed with FIFE, including a tutorial with much the same purpose as Rio has for FIFE, so that's another possibility to start getting accustomed.
Title: Re: Hello from a dev wannabe :)
Post by: vienastoks on October 03, 2013, 01:09:26 am
Sorry about Eschalon. You can check the games at They were made by a single person mostly (what inspired me to try) in BlitzMax (what didn't).

I did some research and found that there are very few options for iso RPG game developer: 1) write the game engine by yourself (might be too tough for me personally); 2) use FIFE/FIFErpg (if I ever manage to install it - I'm on a Mac :) ); 3) try to use Unity 3D. Some things are quite easy with Unity, there's a community around it and lots of extras, but using 3d engine to build a 2d world is a bit sick.

I don't need to commit immediately - there's lots of work to do with graphics and animation before I could start. Will be exploring FIFE in the meanwhile.
Title: Re: Hello from a dev wannabe :)
Post by: prock on October 16, 2013, 03:26:08 pm
Hi Vienastoks,

How has your exploration of FIFE been going?  Is there anything we can help you with?